How To Make Abstract Watercolor Painting Effects

Abstract watercolor painting is one of the most popular forms of painting because of its dynamic structure and special kind of dimension that appeals to the viewers. That is why there are so many methods and techniques that one will be using when he is trying to create masterpiece. Now if one is still not familiar with some of the techniques for this art form, then here are some of the good methods.

Now when it comes to art work, it is extremely important to have all of the right materials and equipment. The first thing that one will be needing will be some heavy paper that is suited for the purpose of doing watercolor portraits. The great thing about this kind of paper is that it can actually hold a lot of paint and water at the same time.

Second on the list would be a card board paper that will be stuck to the paper and act as a canvas. So when one has already gotten these two materials, then he should start spraying water on the paper and wait for it dry. By making it damp, the artist is allowing the paper to hold together the paint so that it does not drip so much.

The next stage would be to apply some of the paint on to the paper in order to create the painting. When making the paints, one must first get coloring materials and mix them with water so that it is not so thick. What one can do to make his work more interesting is that he can allow a lot of water to be added so that the paint will drip and create more effects.

Another trick that artists do is that they let some of the mix drip on to the paper to spread the paint around. During this process, one should now go to the kitchen and get some salt crystals which he will be putting on to the canvas. The reason artists do this is because they would want to add a crystal or diamond effect which will look 3D.

The next step would be now to put a plastic covering over the paper and let the wet paint stick. Artists usually do this so that they can let the paint flow around the whole paper and cover it up. When the wet paint has already been dried up, then one may now take it out and see the end result.

When one has already taken out the plastic covering, take a small toothbrush and put some wet paint on it. From there, he should now paint another layer on the paper so that it can create a 3D effect. In order to have a layered effect, artists should never ever skip this step.

So basically, that is how to make abstract watercolor painting effects that look beautiful. Take note that the artist may keep on repeating the last two steps until he is satisfied with the quality of shapes and colors. Of course the number of times he will repeat this will depend on his own taste preference.

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